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How you present your idea, whether on paper or a physical part, is essential in getting your project to the finish line. From a system’s schematic or a building’s floor plan to a mechanical prototype or an architectural 3D model, our services can help move your project through the design process and into production.

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Precise technical drawings are pivotal in the initial design stages of various products, structures, and machinery. These crafted engineering blueprints guide the fabricating of the physical object. Beyond mere sketches, these documents function as a specialized language, conveying all the essential details required for part creation. Ensuring the designer’s vision is accurately transmitted to manufacturers hinges on maintaining unwavering accuracy, precision, and quality. Additionally, our services extend to converting and re-drawing existing designs, enhancing their legibility, accuracy, and editability while facilitating efficient archiving.

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3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing (AM), revolutionizes part production by precisely depositing material layer by layer. Online’s 3D Printing Service provides state-of-the-art additive manufacturing solutions across various industries and applications. Our skilled in-house design team excels at creating prototypes, architectural models, and repairing existing files. Whether it’s rapid prototyping or small-scale production runs, our expertise combines cutting-edge materials and techniques to deliver exceptional quality prints.

Online’s 3D Scanning Service employs cutting-edge technology to meticulously capture highly accurate digital replicas of physical objects. The process of 3D scanning simplifies the task of reverse engineering existing objects. Instead of spending hours manually drawing out the original design, engineers can now swiftly create a digital model. This streamlined approach ultimately saves valuable time for everyone involved. While 3D printing has long been utilized for creating prototype parts and artistic pieces, the 3D scan offers an additional advantage: it allows engineers to visualize component fit without producing the physical original. This seamless integration of scanning and printing enhances efficiency and precision in the design and manufacturing process.

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